NCC Food Ingredients

Address:NCC House, 42 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
Tel:01 613 1400
Fax:01 661 6261
Product & Service Index Categories:
Main Product Services:Food Ingredients: Natural Flavours, Acidulants,
Preservatives, Biocides, Enzymes, Hydrocolloids, Stabilizers, Antioxidants, Carriers, Binders, Gelling agents, Fibres, Sweeteners (natural & high intensity), Amino Acids, Colours, Fats & Oils, Starches, Texturizers, Clean Label Ingredients, Prebiotics, Atlantic Sea Salts among other ingredients.

Ingredients Sourcing:
With a dedicated team of qualified food professionals, we have a deep and informed understanding of the many challenges facing the food industry today. Working in close partnership with highly innovative producers across the globe we provide our customers with a wide range of functional, clean label products and technologies. Our customer base ranges from international producers of foods and beverages to small niche
artisan creators of fine foods. We support our customers from the very early stages of product
development through to end production.
Contact:Product Manager: Fintan McConnell (
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